February 03 2011: Welcome to the Block Blog
By Dan Dhuyvetter, MS, Ph.D.

Dan Dhuyvetter, MS, Ph.D.

We are pleased to welcome you to the new CRYSTALYX® website with a fresh new look and more interactive ways of learning and sharing nutritional information to help you better manage your livestock operation.  It is our intent to provide a web-based information resource that you will want to bookmark as one of your “Favorites” when considering nutritional supplementation programs.  We are particularly proud of our position as the industry leader for providing free-choice supplement delivery solutions to ranchers and livestock producers across North America.  

We encourage you to explore our website and search for nutritional products that can help you optimize your production while maximizing your forages.  Share a success story with us on the use of any of our products.  Sign up for our Supplement Scheduler that can help remind you when to go out and replace your barrels.  Search our research information to see how CRYSTALYX® compares to other supplementation methods or how it can be used to modify grazing behavior to help increase grazing in underutilized areas of your pastures.  Read about our Single Trip Container, the BioBarrel, that helps reduce your time and expense of retrieving supplement containers from your pastures.  Download Crystal Clear Economyx® to help you make an economic comparison of CRYSTALYX® to other supplementation programs.  Sign up for updates on our Block Blog and or our email blasts for timely nutrition topics that can help keep you current with information that matches the season and your livestock production needs.  If you are not sure where to purchase CRYSTALYX® in your area, search our Dealer/Distributor locator so we can help connect you with a source nearest you.  There is much more information related to free-choice supplements and nutrition solutions to meet your needs. 

We will be steadily making improvements in how the new website is arranged to make information easy to find, easy to share and easy to retrieve.  In addition we will be expanding our web-based tools that you can use to help better manage your operation.  Please let us know if you feel there are ways that we can improve either the content of the information or the form in how it is presented.  Our nutrition staff look forward to providing timely updates related to the use of our products and nutritional needs of your livestock.  These updates will be posted on our Block Blog.  We invite you to sign up to receive an alert whenever a new blog is posted so you never miss out on timely nutrition information.  

Once again, welcome to our new CRYSTALYX® website.  We look forward to providing you information, programming and services that will keep you coming back.

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