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Fall 2015 - The Smokov Way

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"I have cattle cycling early one starting Breed-Up® 28."

At 90 years of age and going strong, Paul Smokov (Steele, ND) knows a thing or two about raising cattle and feeding CRYSTALYX®. Paul has developed a long term successful program over 25 years with CRYSTALYX® being the main part of his cow-calf operation's supplement. CRYSTALYX® is fed to the entire Hereford X Angus cattle operation including; mature and young cows, calves and replacement heifers. His program is simple and follows recommendations made by CRYSTALYX® and sales representative, Aaron Galbreath.

Smokov finishes his praise of CRYSTALYX® with, "We like the product. The health of our cattle is better now than it was 25 years ago. We just don't see the health problems we used to."

Paul Smokov’s Program is Simple - and Effective!

During the critical seasons of weaning and breeding, it’s important to make sure calves stay healthy and cows breed up. Smokov states, “Last year we weaned steer calves weighing 625 pounds, and with 102 cows, we had 99 calves in a six week period!”

Here are some of his recommendations for following a CRYSTALYX® program to give you the results you’re looking for!

  • BGF-30™ is offered to all cattle in the fall, grazing late season pastures and fed through the winter until just before calving to help utilize and “stretch hay supplies.”
  • Breed-Up® 28 is fed to cows before, during, and after calving through the breeding season.
  • Brigade® is used with calves at weaning
  • Replacement heifers are retained and developed on CRYSTALYX® Replacement Heifer formula™ through breeding in mid-late June.

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