The calf crop hits the ground quicker and more uniformly.

Floyd Lyons, Altonah, UT

Floyd Lyons used to have quite a calf scour problem when his 650-head cow herd would calve. But since the eastern Utah rancher began using CRYSTALYX® seven years ago, scours hasn't been a problem.

The cows are fed HE-20% when Lyons starts feeding hay. How long the cows are fed hay depends on whether it's an open winter or not, but Lyons always makes sure CRYSTALYX® is out for the herd at least 30 to 40 days before calving through the time when green grass is available.

Besides eliminating the calf scour problem, Lyons believes the CRYSTALYX® helps build the cows back after calving so that they breed back sooner. "I think we calve a lot quicker than we used to," he says. "The calf crop hits the ground quicker and more uniformly."