I'm very satisfied with the way my cows breed back on Fescue-lyx®

Bob Barnard, St Joseph, MO

Bob Barnard raises Charolais cattle near St. Joseph, Missouri. He has been a steady user of CRYSTALYX® Fescue-lyx® for over 10 years on a year round program. Fescue-lyx® is a unique supplement specifically designed and reformulated based on the latest university research findings to provide supplemental energy, protein, macro-minerals, trace minerals and vitamins to cattle consuming fescue pasture and harvested stored fescue forages. But that's not the only CRYSTALYX® product Barnard uses. In the spring he supplements with Hi-Mag Fescue-lyx® to reduce concerns over grass tetany. And in the summer months he uses Rolyx® Max to help control fly problems.

"I'm very satisfied with the way my cows breed back on Fescue-lyx®," Barnard said. He reports that his cows have a body score of 6-plus. He artificially inseminates most of his cows, so body condition is important. His cows settle easier and breed back quicker on the Fescue-lyx® program. Two of his cows produced 10 calves over a 3-year calving period with several sets of twins. And Barnard sells Charolais bulls that have excellent reputations as excellent breeders.

Bob Barnard's animals are consistent winners at a number of different beef cattle shows in the Midwest. "We're real happy with the results from feeding CRYSTALYX® products," Barnard said. His CRYSTALYX® dealer is St. Joseph Agri Services, Inc., in St. Joseph.