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Maximize gain in newly weaned calves with ionophores

Newly weaned, fall-born calves are full of potential; potential for amazing gains as well as health issues. Backgrounding these calves on pasture this spring can help minimize the potential for health issues, but sometimes gain can suffer. However, with proper supplementation, including an ionophore, you can maximize growth, and ultimately returns, while minimizing the risks.

Ionophores, such as Bovatec®, change the rumen environment in such a way that the microbes are better able to digest forages. The improved rumen efficiency translates to improved performance in your cattle. Pasture research with Bovatec® has shown to improve average daily gains by 9.82% or 0.14 extra pounds* per head, per day on animals gaining 1.45 pounds per day.

Proper macro and trace mineral supplementation is essential for continued growth as well as proper immune function. Weaning is a stressful time for calves, stress leads to an increase in cortisol levels which throws the calves out of whack. Along with low stress handling, and timely vaccination, including high quality trace mineral supplementation will help keep the calves out of the sick pen.

Producers are already familiar with the benefits of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements; consistent intakes, ease of use, complete trace mineral package, and low cost per head per day. Combine these with the performance improvement from Bovatec® and you have CRYSTALYX® Iono-Lyx®, the only FDA approved low moisture block with Bovatec®, CRYSTALYX® Iono-Lyx®.  

CRYSTALYX® Iono-Lyx® is a win-win combination for cattle producers backgrounding calves on high quality pastures. The consistent, predictable intake, for which CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements are known, ensures that cattle will get the proper dosage of Bovatec®, and essential trace minerals for enhanced immunity and improved calf health, each and every time. Growing cattle need the consistent, daily intake of Bovatec® to achieve and maintain enhanced performance. The convenience of a self-contained, self-fed supplement means you don’t have to remember if you fed the cattle, they fed themselves. In addition to the benefits of Bovatec®, CYRSTALYX® Iono-Lyx® also provides protein, important for rumen function and 100% NRC recommendations for trace mineral supplementation.

Keep your fall calves on the right track during spring grazing, ask your local dealer for CRYSTALYX® in the blue barrel. To learn more about what CRYSTALYX® Iono-Lyx® can do for you cattle, visit CRYSTALYX.com, contact your local dealer or call us at 800-727-2505.

*individual results may vary

Bovatec® is a registered trademark of Zoetis®