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Earn to Learn: It's back!

The CRYSTALYX® Earn to Learn™ program is back for another year and better than ever. This blog discussion is not about the performance of CRYSTALYX® on livestock, rather about today’s youth in agriculture; which is our future. The future of CRYSTALYX® is not only about cows but kids too.

CRYSTALYX® Earn to Learn™ is a youth fund raising program. It started in 2010, with just a handful of clubs participating in a few select states such as South Dakota. Today it has grown to include clubs in numerous states, and can be used in all 50 states or wherever CRYSTALYX® is sold. The program allows student youth organizations the opportunity to sell discount cards to livestock producers.  All of the proceeds from the sale of cards is kept by the youth organization.  Cards then can be redeemed at a supporting/participating CRYSTALYX® dealer, earning that producer a discount on CRYSTALYX® product that’s greater than what was spent for the card. These discounts are shared by the CRYSTALYX® dealer, distributor, and Ridley Block Operations, the manufacture of CRYSTALYX®. Current discounts paid per coupon are for $40.00 per ton and the cards costs a producer only $20.00. Everyone wins.  The club keeps the $20.00 for every card, and the producer nets $20.00 saving per ton.  It’s another way that CRYSTALYX® pays, albeit in this manner it’s helping not only our livestock but our youth as well.

Why it Matters?

I’m sure many of our readers out there are like me. We were born and raised in Rural America; many from farms, ranches or agribusiness backgrounds. I’m sure a lot of us were in 4H learning the 4H pledge, in FFA, reciting the creed, going to conventions, contests, county and state fairs. When I reflect on those days of my youth, these activities were amongst my fondest memories.  Today, it’s not a lot different, except I’m the proud parent of some pretty busy kids in 4H.

Youth activities as listed above do great things in developing many life-long skills such as public speaking, knowledge in a wide array of arts, science, and trades. These activities build confidence in our youth and help make them good citizens. These kids, in my opinion are “above average” to steal a quote by Garrison Keillor from Lake Wobegon Stories on Prairie Home Companion Radio.

It’s Easy to do and Easy to make Money

All it takes to work is the will and want by the youth organization (both kids and leaders), a supporting CRYSTALYX® dealer, and a livestock community. All three are necessary and do work in tandem for a successful fundraiser. Any ag youth organization can sign up easily at www.crystalyx.com/earntolearn but must have a cooperating dealer on board. A good venue is to work with a CRYSTALYX® dealer at a producer meeting event, or other type of venue that brings a lot of people together at once. Often times, participating clubs will help serve a meal, do a speech about their fundraiser event, and have a table to sell cards. It’s easy, and there’s very little follow up or door to door delivery of anything sold.  


For any clubs participating in the Earn to Learn™ program for the 2015 -2016 school year, members will be eligible to apply for the Earn-Learn-Lead Scholarship. 

 This scholarship will be awarded to a currently enrolled senior high school student in good standing and is actively participating in the 2015-2016 Earn to Learn™ fund-raising program. 


 One $2500.00 scholarship and one $1000.00 scholarship will be awarded.


 Eligible candidates for the scholarship must:

  • Be a current member of a local youth organization that is participating in the 2015-2016 CRYSTALYX® Earn to Learn™ fund-raising program.
  • Be a currently enrolled senior in high school in good standing.
  • Submit a  750 word (maximum) essay on what you want to achieve with a career in agriculture.
  • Essays can be typed or submitted in video format
  • Submit a photo of themselves in a rural setting.
  • Sign the release agreement allowing CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements the right to use their quotes and photos in any marketing media going forward.

How to submit:

  • Candidates can submit essays, photos, or videos and signed agreement to earntolearn@crystalyx.com or mail to Earn to Learn 424 N Riverfront Drive Mankato, MN 56001


  • All candidates must submit essays by May 30th, 2016.  Scholarship winners will be selected by June 30th, 2016.

Scholarship Winner:

  • The scholarship winner will receive payment upon successful academic completion of the first semester of post high school academic program.

For More Information please visit www.crystalyx.com/earntolearn