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Benefits of being part of a bigger company, "Hope After Harvey"

Many of us have seen daily news and social media updates regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  In particular, those of us in the ag community have an interest in both livestock and companion animals that have been impacted by the flooding.  There has been daily coverage of livestock being moved out of flooded areas, desperate to find higher ground.  For those who are familiar with Gulf Coast grazing lands and the endless acres of low-lying, boggy, marshy pastures, we understand the challenges associated with their efforts. The recovery ahead will take not only a few days or weeks, but many months and perhaps even more.

Efforts to help get back to some semblance of normal, appear to have begun at a rapid pace with provisions of hay, feed and other supplies. Recent relief experiences with this past year’s devastating fires in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas and more recently Montana, will most assuredly help make the process more timely and effective when providing resources to those most in need.

CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements recently became part of a larger company, Alltech.  One of the major benefits of belonging to the Alltech family is the ability to participate in devoting additional resources to help producers when disasters like Harvey impact their operations.  While CRYSTALYX® will look at every opportunity to work closely with our distribution and dealership network in order to provide assistance, being part of Alltech provides a much larger base for making a contribution to the Gulf Coast region.  Alltech has formed a “Hope After Harvey” relief effort, which is open to anyone who wishes to offer support.


To deliver relief specifically to the Texas’ farm and ranch community, Alltech is donating $20,000 to kick off its Hope After Harvey relief fund and will then match the first $80,000 in donations made to its 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Alltech ACE Foundation by September 15, 2017. To give to Hope After Harvey, visit https://go.alltech.com/harveyrelief.              


Additionally, the Alltech family has committed to donating $100,000 in value of animal feed and crop products.

“Harvey hit home for many of our customers and employees in Texas, and, therefore, Harvey has hit ‘home’ for the Alltech family globally,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “Our Lone Star friends will not stand alone; they will have our support every step of the rebuild.”

Donate to Alltech’s Hope After Harvey at https://go.alltech.com/harveyrelief.

While many of us live outside the Gulf Coast, news reports and social media have offered daily reminders of the challenges that our friends are facing and will continue to face for many months ahead.  If you would like to help and are looking at where to make contributions that will be focused on our partners in agriculture, visit Hope After Harvey and take advantage of Alltech’s matching dollars.  It is great way to maximize your contribution and support those in our industry.   We appreciate your consideration!