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Someone somewhere is always in a drought

Worried about a drought this year, or perhaps, “again” this year?  If you are not experiencing a drought this year, you have likely experienced one in the past, and you will likely see one in the future.  If you agree with that statement, this information will someday be of use to you.  Perhaps sooner, than later.

We have known for years that cattle will seek out palatable supplements, and even salt, in pastures.  Research by Dr. Derek Bailey at Havre, MT, has actually quantified this effect.  In doing so, we have seen that low-moisture block (LMB) supplements, like Crystalyx, are much more effective than salt alone, at luring cattle to underutilized areas of pastures.

During periods of drought (or when grasses naturally mature) CRYSTALYX® supplements can offer you two distinct advantages:

  1. They can increase the digestibility (energy release) of a low quality (drought stricken) forage
  2. They will lure your cattle to the underutilized (forage) areas of a pasture, where they may not normally travel to (lack of water). 

During periods of drought, naturally occurring sources of water may dry up.  This can leave many pastures with areas that cattle avoid, due to lack of water.  Research has shown cattle will travel over a mile from a water source, to consume CRYSTALYX®.  While the cattle are there, they will also graze the adjacent forage.

The added protein in the CRYSTALYX® supplements then allow the cattle to unlock even more energy from the forage they consume.  This one-two punch helps your cattle maximize the forage that is out there in a drought.  It may not keep you from having to purchase hay, but it may decrease that purchase. 

If you do have to purchase hay, do not forget to also use CRYSTALYX® supplements to stretch that forage resource as well.  If you can increase forage digestibility by 10%, remember that 10% of $200 hay is always more than 10% of $100 hay.  Don’t let yourself fall in to the idea that “my hay cost too much to also purchase a supplement.”  If your hay costs more, the return from better utilization also increases.

CRYSTALYX® Brand self-fed supplements are an excellent way to maximize your returns from a supplement program that’s available 24/7, while minimizing your investment in time, labor and equipment.