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Fly control is a must in these economic times

Even though snow is still flying in some parts of the country, now is the time to start planning your fly control program. Are you ready? 

Excessive biting fly populations can literally suck the profit out of your cattle. Biting flies reduce weaning weights, lower milk production and spread disease. Why should your hard-earned money go toward feeding flies? In today’s economic environment, it is more important than ever to keep fly populations in check to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Horn flies are the most economically significant fly with which cattlemen need be concerned. The resulting irritation and blood loss can reduce calf weaning weights by 12 to 14 pounds. Average daily gain in yearling steers can be reduced as much as 30 pounds during a grazing season. Horn flies also lower libido in bulls, resulting in reduced conception rates. 

One of the most convenient and effective methods of horn fly control involves self-fed CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements. These supplements contain either Altosid® IGR or Rabon® Oral Larvicide to interrupt the horn fly life cycle, effectively reducing the overall fly population. This method requires no additional labor and no cattle handling unlike fly tags and sprays. Additionally, these products contain the complete mineral and vitamin supplementation you would normally provide. Neither Altosid® nor Rabon® have slaughter withdrawal times so they can be fed to all classes of cattle including nursing brood cows and calves. 

For best results, start feeding CRYSTALYX® fly control products at least 30 days before the projected last frost and 30 days after the first frost. In some areas, these dates will overlap. Horn flies emerge when average daily temperatures reach 65° F for a period of at least two weeks. Be sure to provide at least one block per 15 to 30 head where cattle congregate (near watering, loafing or shade areas, etc.). Remember that neither Altosid® nor Rabon® will kill adult flies. Use of approved adulticides will be necessary to eliminate adult fly populations when Altosid®- or Rabon®-containing supplements are introduced after adult horn fly infestation is already established.

 In summary, horn flies represent a costly drain on profitability. Fly control is a must in these trying economic times in order to maximize efficiency and profitability. Contact us at www.crystalyx.com to find the CRYSTALYX® fly control product that best suits your needs.

Altosid® is a registered trademark of Welmark International

Rabon® is a registered trademark of Bayer Animal Health