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CRYSTALYX provides so much more than barrels

Technology has made us more connected than ever before. There’s a page or group for everything these days and it’s easy to get buried in a mountain of information. How do you know what to believe? Just like those poor performing cows in your herd, sometimes you’ve got to cull the bad information and move on. With this in mind, CRYSTALYX® offers you many free resources for fact-based information you can trust.

Professional Help

CRYSTALYX® has 6 trained nutritionists on staff, ready to help.  We each have areas of specialty (not just beef cattle). This depth of knowledge (practical and formal) means we are able to find solutions for every production scenario. We know our products. We know that there’s no ‘one-size-fits all answer’ when it comes to supplementing your cattle. By asking you a few questions about your operation, we can suggest products that will work for your specific situation.

Convenient Apps for Your Phone and Online Information

As mentioned, we live in a connected society. Nearly everyone has a mini computer on their belt and another, larger computer at home. So why not put those gadgets to work for you? CRYSTALYX® offers a number of online tools and information to help you find the answers you need.

Does this stuff really work? – A valid concern when choosing a supplement. CRYSTALYX® has the research, and patents, to prove that our product does work. The How It Works tab on our website (crystalyx.com) has information on research, as well as, our commitment to quality to help you make the right decisions. The Proven Results tab has articles and product suggestions for a variety of production conditions. Don’t want to take our word for it? You can also find customer testimonials on the Proven Results tab.

What are my supplementation costs? – Download Crystal Clear Economyx®, a free, Excel® based program and compare the cost of CRYSTALYX® with other supplement types. Inputting supplement costs, in addition to labor and equipment, gives you the true cost of any supplement program, allowing you to make the best decision for your operation.

When did that barrel go empty? – Who hasn’t walked out to the container in the pasture and wonder how long has that been empty? Life gets busy, wouldn’t it be great to have a reminder to put new supplement out? You’re in luck! The CRYSTALYX® Supplement Scheduler will do that for you. When you create an account, you can set up multiple pastures, add a head count for each and specify the exact barrel(s) that you put in the pasture with them. Finally you can set a day to have a reminder sent to you via e-mail.

Has that animal lost condition? – You know that Y-236 isn’t looking the same, but you can’t quite figure out why… The CRYSTALYX® Body Condition Score app can help you remember what she looked like in January. This free app allows you to monitor forage quality and overall plain of nutrition by tracking the BCS of cows in a certain pasture.  A low BCS can mean economic losses in terms of light calves at weaning and extended days open. Tracking the BCS of even a few cows can help you better manage grazing and supplement strategies to keep your cows on track.

What was the protein level of that barrel? – Need to know the guaranteed analysis of a barrel, but you don’t want to walk out to the barn? No problem! On crystalyx.com, you can find the guaranteed analysis and ingredient statement of all our products. Never wonder or guess again!

When it comes to information, you’ve got to cull the bad, but it can be hard to know what to cut. Seek out the experts; someone who is willing to take time to talk with you and find answers specific to your situation. At CRYSTALYX®, we firmly believe that your success is our success and we’re here to help. We have the tools available online for the DIY’rs and we’re available via phone or e-mail for those who like to talk. Together we can achieve Results by the Barrel.

To learn more about CRYSTALYX® supplements, visit your local CRYSTALYX® dealer or visit our website, crystalyx.com.