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Why should I start feeding CRYSTALYX in September?

September is nearly here.  While some of us wonder where the Summer went, in reality, the quality of our pasture forages are falling like a North Korean missile test.

Here are 10 opportunities you should consider, before you decide to hold off on your fall supplementation program.  Remember that your cows are taking care of two calf crops until this year’s calves are weaned.

  1. This year’s calves will benefit from being on a good mineral/ trace mineral program prior to weaning.  Vaccines and shipping fever treatments work better if the calf has been provided with a good trace mineral program prior to weaning.
  2. Recent information on fetal programming would tell us that we do not want to short cows on protein in early to mid-gestation.  The old rule of saving your best feed for the 3rd trimester is still true – but we cannot afford to ignore cow and fetal nutrient requirements for the first 2/3 of gestation either.  Start taking care of next year’s calf crop today!
  3. If you say you are too busy harvesting, to take time to supplement you cows, you can still put out CRYSTALYX® barrels, which will provide supplemental nutrition for 2-3 weeks at a time.
  4. Harvesting is not the only time-drain on a ranch in the Fall.  Weaning calves, moving cows between pastures, and other activities like guiding Hunters all take much of your day.  Again, properly stocked CRYSTALYX® barrels will provide supplemental nutrition 2-3 weeks at a time.
  5. One of the cheapest times to put weight on, or to hold body stores for a spring calving cow, is in the fall after weaning.  You can release more energy from lower quality forages (increased weight gain and feed efficiency) with just a small amount of supplemental protein from a self-fed supplement.
  6. As water sources dry up in the fall, it will be an increasing challenge to get cows to utilize standing forage in the farther reaches of a pasture.  Use CRYSTALYX® barrels to lure cows back to those underutilized pasture areas that may be far from water, or at less than friendly elevations. 
  7. Fall calving cows usually need additional supplemental protein to breed back, and improve milk production on lower quality forages.
  8. Less labor, Less cost, Less equipment, Less risk.
  9. More weight gain, More free time, More healthy calves 
  10. Windproof, Waterproof, Waste proof



CRYSTALYX® Brand self-fed supplements are an excellent way to maximize your returns from a self-fed supplement program that’s available 24/7, while minimizing your investment in time, labor and equipment. Let CRYSTALYX® take care of your cows, when you have other problems to work on.