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Stressed Calves...Take it up a notch with Battalion®

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Stressed Calves? 
Take it up a notch with Battalion®

Brigade® is taken to an entirely new level with Battalion®; naturally formulated for the most challenging stress conditions.
CRYSTALYX® Battalion® is designed for self-feeding to calves, growing cattle and mature beef cattle. Battalion® is fortified with electrolytes and high levels of vitamins and trace minerals to help overcome nutritional stress associated with shipping, weaning and breeding. 
  • Includes Alltech® technologies including BioPlex® organic trace minerals and Actigen® to support gut health
  • Added chromium to help decrease morbidity and positively impact dry matter intake, average daily gain and feed efficiency in stressed feedlot cattle

Best used when
Calves are highly stressed, the environment is not cooperating, needing to minimize sick calves and the use of antibiotics in the herd.

Battalion®..the Results Are In

In this 28 day study, 180 steers were fed chromium propionate. Subjects showed a linear increase in average daily gain (P < 0.03) and improved feed efficiency (P < 0.05) as chromium propionate concentrations increased. Inclusion of chromium at the 0.3 mg/kg level increased average daily gain by 10.8% and improved feed to gain ratio by 4.2% over controls. (Figures 1 and 2).

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