Specific Formulas for Specific Situations

CRYSTALYX® has outlined a new method of categorizing our supplements in an “Economy”, “Balanced” and “Premium” product offering. The charts below provide a visual of how supplements are arranged under Protein, Stress, Mineral and Sheep and Goat categories.

What You Need to Know

  1. For protein products - What is your general forage quality?
  2. What type of fortification do you want with your supplement?
  3. What are your genetics and stage of production (ie: gestation, calving, lactation or breeding)?


The Economy line of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements has been formulated to provide a baseline nutrient fortification while allowing for nutritional contributions from other dietary ingredients. This flexibility provides consistent supplement delivery but does not include some of the value-added levels of nutrients or additives that may be required during periods of high nutrient demands or with inconsistent forage programs. These supplements are best used when cattle requirements are less demanding and forage conditions are stable. 


The Balanced line of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements provide great value and balance between nutrition and supplement cost. When consumed at typical intakes, the beef products provide 100% of NRC requirements for trace minerals. Many of these popular CRYSTALYX® products have years of research and customer satisfaction under a wide variety of conditions across North America. CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements in the Balanced line should be your first choice in providing a balanced nutrition program for typical production conditions.  Not too little, not too much, just right!


The Premium line of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements incorporates several technologies such as BioPlex® organic trace minerals, Sel-Plex® Alltech’s proprietary organic form of Selenium yeast and/or Bio-Mos® and Actigen® to support gut health. Many producers have had great reproductive and calving success when using the Breed-Up® products prior to calving, up through breeding. When conditions are tough, genetics demanding and reproduction is a must, the Premium line of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements deliver results.

What About All the Other CRYSTALYX® Products?

We realize that there are many other supplements that are part of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements. Many of them are formulated for unique situations such as fescue forages, producers wanting vegetable based ingredients or products that do not contain urea for example. These products are formulated to fit at the “Balanced” level or higher nutrient fortification.