Earn To Learn

Stop back August 1st to enroll in the
2018-2019 campaign!


Earn to Learn™ is a youth group fundraising program ideal for rural livestock communities and sponsored by CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements. The program is designed to assist youth groups such as horse clubs, 4-H®, rodeo clubs and FFA® chapters, by raising funds to expand their educational opportunities. >Download the Earn to Learn™ Brochure

A key feature of Earn to Learn™ is the benefit to the rural communities. Youth groups will gain life-long skills from expanding their educational activities. Livestock producers will be rewarded for their commitment to these youth activities with increased discounts on supplemental product for their operations. Local CRYSTALYX® dealers will provide products and services to livestock producers in their area and conduct business locally within their livestock communities.

How it Works:

  • Youth groups develop a goal to fund their needs for educational activities
  • Youth groups connect with a local CRYSTALYX® dealer and plan a strategy of contacting livestock producers who will benefit from discounted supplement costs
  • A 4 week fundraising calendar is established, cards are sold, and proceeds are collected. All earnings stay with the youth group
  • Livestock producers receive generous savings by redeeming the discount cards at their participating CRYSTALYX® dealerships
  • Dealers submit redeemed discount cards and supporting invoices for reimbursement from CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements