In the Field

"I give full credit to Brigade for my calves staying on feed during stressful periods."

A sound feed program that includes Brigade® Stress-Fighting Formula, good genetics, hard work and a little luck equals success in the show ring for Breann Pritchard and family of Crowley, Texas.

The 17 year-old high school junior has raised and exhibited champion steers and heifers at all the major Texas stock shows including: Texas State Fair, Dallas, Southwestern Exposition & Livestock Show, Fort Worth, San Antonio Livestock Show and the Houston Livestock Show. In fact, Breann exhibited the grand champion Hereford heifer at all these shows during the same show season, as well as the champion heifer three consecutive years at Fort Worth. Recently, she added the champion Angus steer at the 2004 San Antonio Show to her list of show credits.

"I like to win! Brigade® helps me do that!" Breann says. Brigade® is a high-energy CRYSTALYX® supplement that is fortified with electrolytes, organic trace minerals and high levels of vitamins and minerals.

"We keep Brigade® available to all the calves during the entire feeding period, which from start to finish is about 12 months. The majority of my calves this year were weaned early and trucked to their new Texas home from Kentucky, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Brigade® is in the pens when they are unloaded. I give full credit to Brigade® for my calves starting on feed, staying on feed during stressful periods, healthy appetites and just doing good all the way around," states Breann.

Brigade® is fed free-choice and the product is naturally self-limiting; it can't be bitten, chewed or over-consumed. It is available in 60 lb. plastic containers, 125 lb. steel quarter barrels, or 250 lb. steel half barrels. Breann and family purchase Brigade® in the 125 lb. size so that it can be placed between pens for multiple calf consumption.

"There are a lot of supplements and feed additives on the market today specifically targeted for the show cattle industry." Breann adds, "Most of these products have to be hand mixed and/or top dressed with each individual feeding. No supplement we've tried compares to the uniform consumption, convenience, nutritional value and low cost per head, per day of Brigade®."