In the Field

"Between CRYSTALYX and our health program, we get the gain we're after."

Keith Crouch follows a strict herd health program on the cow-calf operation he owns with his son and son-in-law in northeastern Kentucky. Keith says including CRYSTALYX® HE-20% blocks in that program gives their cattle an added boost that pays off with heavier weaning weights. In fact, the Crouches sell most of their calves as 500 to 600 pound feeders when they are weaned at about six months of age.

The CRYSTALYX® advantage is also apparent in their replacement breeding stock. The Crouches participate in an Elite Heifer Program sponsored by the University of Kentucky and their local livestock association. The heifers must meet strict guidelines including weight, health status and pelvic measurements to be sold at a special sale. Keith says their heifers all weighed 800 to 900 pounds, clearly heavier than the 700 pound minimum weight. "What we want are pounds, and between the CRYSTALYX® and our health program, we get the gain we're after."