In the Field

"The more they eat, the better off they are."

Richard Sellner has been relying on CRYSTALYX® to help keep his southern Minnesota dairy herd milking at peak performance for 15 years. The cows repay that loyalty by milking an average of 21,400 pounds per head.

Both lactating and dry cows receive CRYSTALYX®. Sellner strategically locates the CRYSTALYX® between the feed and water areas in the milking cow herd. He believes it "soups" up their appetite, enticing them to consume more alfalfa hay and forage, and holding milk production up. "The more they eat, they better off they are," he says.

Since CRYSTALYX® came out with Dry Cow Formula™, the only retained placentas Sellner has seen have been with cows that had trouble calving. He believes the barrel helps fill in the gaps in his dry cow program. He'd like to have more than one dry pen so the cows close to freshening could be separated and fed a different ration than the far-off dry cows, but the small herd doesn't make that feasible. Instead, he believes CRYSTALYX® is providing the protein, vitamins and minerals his close-up dry cows need.

Service from his local dealer and a quality, consistent product have made Sellner a loyal CRYSTALYX® feeder.