In the Field

"We've been very pleased with CRYSTALYX products."

"Being able to have these products in a weatherproof barrel and access 24/7 for the calves is wonderful!"

Mr. Stanley Burris of Hustonville, Kentucky, farms 198 acres in Casey County. Mr. Burris has been in the banking business for 33 years.

"We run approximately 60 Angus mix, commercial brood cows and bred heifers. We've been very pleased with CRYSTALYX® products over the past five years, specifically the Hi-Mag Fescue-lyx® that we feed to our cows and calves."

Stanley uses a program with his calves called CPH-45 (certified, preconditioned for health). The calves need to be weaned and on feed for 45 days, receive the correct vaccinations and approved quality minerals.

"Each year we wean and feed 20-25 head in our preconditioning program for the CPH-45 sales. We like Brigade® for relieving stress and to help get our calves on feed quicker and with fewer health problems."

Following pasture renovation of mainly fescue, Mr. Burris now sows alfalfa and clover and sells some hay. "Our calving interval is down to 45 days. We're getting more uniform calves,and we really like the weatherproof barrel and 24 hr/day feeding access with such little labor."