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CRYSTALYX® Production Efficiency is the Answer to Falling Prices

In light of recent drops in cattle prices, it is understandable that cattle producers are looking for ways to protect their investments. One such way is to reduce input costs. Considering that 80% of the cost of raising cattle comes from feed, one obvious way to do this is to optimize digestion efficiency. We can optimize digestion efficiency through two simple concepts- feed the rumen and protect the gut. FEED THE RUMEN As we all know, when feeding a cow, we are actually feeding rumen microbe…   MORE >>

In the Field

This calf crop is the best we have had in our nine years.

Randy and Shelley Knuth of Vesper, Wisconsin, have been raising bison for nine years. They have been using CRYSTALYX® supplements from General Farm Supply for the last three years. Randy states, "I needed a mineral supplement that was available to all the animals. I feed some grain, but the less dominant ones often don't get any."…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

"I have cattle cycling early once starting on Breed-Up® 28!"

At 90 years of age and going strong, Paul Smokov (Steele, ND) knows a thing or two about raising cattle and feeding CRYSTALYX®. Paul has developed a long term successful program over 25 years with CRYSTALYX® being the main part of his cow-calf operation's supplement. CRYSTALYX® is fed to the entire Hereford X Angus cattle operation incl…   MORE >>