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More than Just Barrels… Part 2

We talk a lot about products on this blog, but sometimes we need to remember that CRSTYALYX® is about more than just providing great supplements. We’re a company comprised of people who care about our customers, about your cattle and about the future. As you may know, the first full week of October was National 4-H week. 4-H is an organization that is near and dear to my heart; having been a member in Iowa. I could list everything I learned while in 4-H, but I won’t. Let’s…   MORE >>

In the Field

Where do you purchase the product? Smith Fert. and Grain Albia, Ia What Crystalyx® formula do you use? Iono-lyx b300 and Brigade in steel barrels How long have you used Crystalyx®? Two years How does Crystalyx® help you? Help keep my calves healthy and vigorous and on feed   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

The Future of Forage Utilization is CRYSTALYX® BGF-20™

NEW! from CRYSTALYX® Out with the old; in with the new. The old CRYSTALYX® HE-20%™ is now the new and improved BGF-20™. CRYSTALYX® products are now better suited to help producers with all types of forage and management situations. Your CRYSTALYX® program delivers minimal labor investment, zero supplement waste and…   MORE >>