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Earn to Learn - It's Back!

  The CRYSTALYX® Earn to Learn™ program is back for another year and better than ever.  This blog discussion is not about the performance of CRYSTALYX® on livestock, rather about today’s youth in agriculture; which is our future.  The future of CRYSTALYX® is not only about cows but kids too. CRYSTALYX® Earn to Learn™ is a youth fund raising program.  It started in 2010, with just a handful of clubs participating in a few select states suc…   MORE >>

In the Field

Increase Forage Utilization And Improve Wildlife Habitat On Public Lands With CRYSTALYX

The Voldseth family has been raising cattle in southwestern Montana for 125 years. Their largest neighbor is the U.S. National Forest. The Voldseths run about 400 head of their 1,500 cow-calf herd on the Comb Butte Allotment each summer. David Voldseth has used CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements on his own land for the past 15 years, and knew how…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Shoo Flies!

Everyone knows that flies spread disease, lower weight gains and generally cost you money. CRYSTALYX® offers several excellent options for fly control combined with the high quality nutrition for which CRYSTALYX® is known. CRYSTALYX® ROLYX® supplements containing Rabon® or CRYSTALYX® IGR supplements containing Altosid®…   MORE >>