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Does Supplemental Feeding to Pregnant Heifers Affect Dystocia?

Injury caused by dystocia causes up to 80% of perinatal calf losses and is most common in first calf heifers. Excessive calf size can result in malpresentation due to the calf not being able to properly position itself in the birth canal or total fetopelvic disproportion requiring C-section delivery.  Calf size is a function of both genetics and maternal environment. We know that genetics plays a large role in calf size and thus use “calving ease” bulls to help reduce this risk…   MORE >>

In the Field

The more they eat, they better off they are.

Richard Sellner has been relying on CRYSTALYX® to help keep his southern Minnesota dairy herd milking at peak performance for 15 years. The cows repay that loyalty by milking an average of 21,400 pounds per head. Both lactating and dry cows receive CRYSTALYX®. Sellner strategically locates the CRYSTALYX® between the feed and water ar…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Weatherability to Match Any Environment

NEW! from CRYSTALYX® BioBarrel® The CRYSTALYX® BioBarrel® is made from a proprietary blend of ground cereal straw and wood fiber, coated with a soy flour solution that is pressed and molded. It is made of 100% renewable materials. There are no chemicals or adhesives used to make the container, and is designed to degrade as livest…   MORE >>