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Science versus Feelings

In the past few years there has been a shift in the mindset of the consumer when it comes to food production. Science, it seems, is no longer an acceptable answer to the how and why of management practices. A number of retailers have taken advantage of this and have further influenced public opinion with advertising that is emotionally charged and less than 100% honest. It can be difficult to address the emotional side of food animal production; especially when we try to keep some of the emotio…   MORE >>

In the Field

Lesa Clark from Paducha, KY has been using CRYSTALYX® products purchased from Phelps Farm Store for three years on her family dairy she runs with her daughter, Ellie Waggoner. Growing up, there were 10 other dairies within a 5 mile radius of their farm. Today, LeCows Dairy is the only dairy left in McCracken County. Lesa and Elli…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Shoo Flies!

Everyone knows that flies spread disease, lower weight gains and generally cost you money. CRYSTALYX® offers several excellent options for fly control combined with the high quality nutrition for which CRYSTALYX® is known. CRYSTALYX® ROLYX® supplements containing Rabon® or CRYSTALYX® IGR supplements containing Altosid®…   MORE >>