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Earn to Learn - It's Back!

  The CRYSTALYX® Earn to Learn™ program is back for another year and better than ever.  This blog discussion is not about the performance of CRYSTALYX® on livestock, rather about today’s youth in agriculture; which is our future.  The future of CRYSTALYX® is not only about cows but kids too. CRYSTALYX® Earn to Learn™ is a youth fund raising program.  It started in 2010, with just a handful of clubs participating in a few select states suc…   MORE >>

In the Field

paid off with 24-pound heavier weaning weights than the year before

Don Klein calls himself a grain farmer, but his commercial cow herd is the number one priority on this Kansas operation. "If my cows are not content, I'm not happy," he says. Feed is an important part of making his 125-cow herd content, along with a complete health program and solid genetics. "I'm the type that wants to make sure…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Grass Tetany Prevention

Treating a cow with grass tetany requires a call to the vet and it’s not always successful. Preventing grass tetany requires having a very palatable self-fed supplement with adequate magnesium available at all times when grazing low magnesium pastures. However, while magnesium oxide is a good source of magnesium, it is unpalatable at high inc…   MORE >>