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Don't Gamble With Lower Calf Prices

Calf prices seem to be in a freefall here lately.  If we look at what CattleFax has for their summary of five and six-weight calves this week compared to last year, we see a fifty dollar per CWT decline, with 15 dollars in the last week.  Certainly the market is adjusting to all the red ink in the feeding industry. As profitability in the cow-calf sector declines, it is only human nature to make changes in purchasing decisions.  The purchase of supplements, equipment and genetics…   MORE >>

In the Field

Montana Rancher Uses CRYSTALYX® To Offset Fewer Grazing Days

David Maichel runs a 500 pair cow-calf operation in southwestern Montana. His family has been working this same land since 1898. He and four other ranchers graze their cattle on the 100,000-acre Harrison allotment. 35 years ago the allotment was divided into four pastures for rest-rotation management. Now, they're being pressured to reduce the numb…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Shoo Flies!

Everyone knows that flies spread disease, lower weight gains and generally cost you money. CRYSTALYX® offers several excellent options for fly control combined with the high quality nutrition for which CRYSTALYX® is known. CRYSTALYX® ROLYX® supplements containing Rabon® or CRYSTALYX® IGR supplements containing Altosid®…   MORE >>