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Reproductive Efficiency in Beef Cattle – Long Term Heifer Retention Considerations

There is some apprehension about when the market will correct itself and who will be caught with expensive feeder calves.  We should enjoy high feeder calf prices for a while given current market conditions.  That said, the market will correct itself.  When and how much are the real questions? The concern is not only for the backgrounder and feed lot.  Cow calf producers should have a long term mind set on which heifers to keep as replacements.  Little mistakes can cost…   MORE >>

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With CRYSTALYX®, I know all the animals are getting the nutrients they need.

Bruce Vande Hey owns Vande Hey Farms and has 400 milking cows. He works with Bart Collins at Henry Carstens and Sons in Brillion, WI. Bruce Vande Hey has been using CRYSTALYX® Dry Cow Formula™. He uses this as a TMR safety net. The 250 lb. barrel of Dry Cow Formula™ is placed in the dry cow lot and the 60 lb. tub is used in the c…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

The Future of Forage Utilization is CRYSTALYX® BGF-20™

NEW! from CRYSTALYX® Out with the old; in with the new. The old CRYSTALYX® HE-20%™ is now the new and improved BGF-20™. CRYSTALYX® products are now better suited to help producers with all types of forage and management situations. Your CRYSTALYX® program delivers minimal labor investment, zero supplement waste and…   MORE >>