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Replacement Heifer Selection Assisted with Technology

Last week, Dr. Dan Dhuyvetter wrote about some of the technology available as apps for our smart devices.  Is the CRYSTALYX® Body Condition Score (BCS) app a nice toy or are there practical applications?  I have great interest in animal nutrition, management systems and could easily engage in prolonged discussion on the topics.  However, when it comes to genetics and debating the merit of specific EPDs, I soon lose interest. I recently attended a meeting where one of the prese…   MORE >>

In the Field

if you're used to having to feed grain to produce quality animals, then Sheep-lyx™ is less expensive."

Raising high quality lambs is a must for Richard Driggs. He supplies lambs for 4-H projects in northwestern Arkansas so he asks a lot from his 32 ewes. And he's found that Sheep-lyx™ helps his ewes meet the challenge. Before Richard began feeding Sheep-lyx™ in the spring of 1999, he used to feed a home-mixed 18 percent protein mixtur…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Shoo Flies!

Everyone knows that flies spread disease, lower weight gains and generally cost you money. CRYSTALYX® offers several excellent options for fly control combined with the high quality nutrition for which CRYSTALYX® is known. CRYSTALYX® ROLYX® supplements containing Rabon® or CRYSTALYX® IGR supplements containing Altosid®…   MORE >>