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CRYSTALYX® IONO-LYX® for Low Cost Replacement Heifer Development

Raising replacement heifers has been studied a lot.  As times and cattle have changed, so have some of the systems used to develop replacement heifers.  A better focus on low cost development and selection for fertility and longevity makes economic sense.  Traditional development programs recommend breeding heifers at 60-65% of their mature body weight as most heifers should have reached puberty by the time they reach this weight.  More recently it’s been well documente…   MORE >>

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We have fewer problems with calving, and the cows are getting bred on their first heat cycle.

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The Future of Forage Utilization is CRYSTALYX® BGF-20™

NEW! from CRYSTALYX® Out with the old; in with the new. The old CRYSTALYX® HE-20%™ is now the new and improved BGF-20™. CRYSTALYX® products are now better suited to help producers with all types of forage and management situations. Your CRYSTALYX® program delivers minimal labor investment, zero supplement waste and…   MORE >>