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More than Just Barrels… Part 2

We talk a lot about products on this blog, but sometimes we need to remember that CRSTYALYX® is about more than just providing great supplements. We’re a company comprised of people who care about our customers, about your cattle and about the future. As you may know, the first full week of October was National 4-H week. 4-H is an organization that is near and dear to my heart; having been a member in Iowa. I could list everything I learned while in 4-H, but I won’t. Let’s…   MORE >>

In the Field

Buffer-lyx® does some amazing things in the summer.

Level Acres Dairy of Hartford, WI is owned by Jim Becker and Jim Webber and milks 180 cows. They have been using Transition Stress™ Formula and Buffer-lyx® for the last five years. Jim Webber says, “The Transition Stress™ Formula block is something we would not go without. When we started, we saw less ketosis and fewer disp…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Degradability. Durability. Weatherability.

Advantages of the BioBarrel® Feed it, and forget it — the Single-Trip Container (STC®) technology biodegrades naturally in the field. The end result is environmentally friendly and labor friendly; with virtually no cleanup or disposal issues. Eliminate labor and costs associated with collecting and returning steel barrels or…   MORE >>