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Copper and Immune Function

In January, I talked about the importance of zinc and vaccine effectiveness (read it here). Today, I’d like to continue the immune function discussion, but focusing on copper. Copper has several important functions in the body ranging from metabolism, to enzyme function, to reproductive performance. Most notably, copper is a key component to proper antioxidant enzyme function (passive immunity, happens in the background) as well as antibody production and phagocyte activity (both are acti…   MORE >>

In the Field

Minnesota Cow-Calf Operation Discovers the Convenience of BioBarrel®

For more than two years Brian and Janet Brockberg of Pipestone, Minnesota, have been supplementing their beef cow-calf operation with CRYSTALYX® products. BGF-30™ is the mainstay for the beef cow herd, while Brigade® is used for calves at weaning and cows near calving, and Crystal-Phos®, is the mineral supplement program. Late…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements (LICS) App Now Available

Download the NEW LICS App - FREE! Ridley Block Operations (manufacturers of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements) has released a new app for livestock producers called LICS; Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements. The new LICS app is designed to be a useful calculator with minimal, intuitive inputs that makes free-choice supplement perfo…   MORE >>