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CRYSTALYX® and the Speed Limit

A couple of weeks ago I was reading about some research conducted by Dr. Monte Rouquette, a Texas A&M AgriLife Research Scientist, at Overton, TX.  The study used yearlings, and compared 3 different levels of DDGs supplementation on Bermuda Grass to a control treatment (no DDGs supplement).  The DDGs supplementation levels were 0.25% of body weight, 0.5% of body weight and 1% of body weight/hd/d.  The control cattle gained 1.53 lbs./hd/d.  Both the 0.25% of body weight an…   MORE >>

In the Field

We never worry about exceeding the feed limit with CRYSTALYX.

Years ago, Leslie Prause of Yoakum, Texas, used a mineral formulated for his area. “Cattle would either not touch it or over-consume,” he says. “But I don’t worry with CRYSTALYX.® We measure consumption and cost per head, per day regularly. Observing the consistent, uniform intake in our herd has taught us that it&rs…   MORE >>

From the Cattle Call®

Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements (LICS) App Now Available

Download the NEW LICS App - FREE! Ridley Block Operations (manufacturers of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements) has released a new app for livestock producers called LICS; Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements. The new LICS app is designed to be a useful calculator with minimal, intuitive inputs that makes free-choice supplement perfo…   MORE >>