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How Does Pasture Cost Affect Your Supplementation Decisions

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Range Beef Cow Symposium in Loveland, Colorado.  This educational program is designed specifically for cow-calf producers grazing rangelands in Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.  There were over 800 producers, University faculty and students and beef industry representatives who attended with a variety of topics dealing with all aspects of economics, production management, genetics, reproduction, market/consumer trends and enterp…   MORE >>

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Even the vet noticed we were having fewer problems.

Klink Dairy is a family operated farm, ran by 3 brothers. Phil and his wife Janice, Steve and his wife Denise and Keith. They milk around 180 cows. They use Transition Stress™ Formula with the pre and post fresh cows as well as Brigade® and Replacement Heifer™ on the calves. “We use the heifer barrels in the smaller calf…   MORE >>

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LICS App Makes Supplemental Adjustments Easy

With a few simple inputs, you'll be able to calculate the consumption of your herd with the Livestock Intake Calculator for Supplements App. Learn more about the LICS App.   MORE >>