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Improve grazing distribution without fences

Every cattle producer wants to get all they can from their land and cattle. Some times that means running a temporary fence to keep cattle in certain areas they just don’t care to go. What if there was a way to lure cattle to the other end without having to get out the T-posts and post driver? Why not use the supplement you already have to move your cattle around the pasture?

Dr. Derek Bailey, New Mexico State University, has spent many years researching the connection between supplement type and pasture utilization. Research trials in Montana and New Mexico, have shown that cattle accustomed to CRYSTALYX® products will spend the majority of their day within 600 yards of the barrel; even in rough terrain.

These studies also showed a change in forage utilization in areas surrounding the barrel. As the cattle were following the barrel, they consumed the forage in that same area.

Moving you cattle around your pasture isn’t as simple as just putting product in the back corner. Cattle need to be made accustomed to the barrels first. This may take a week or 2 to accomplish. When your cattle are hooked, slowly move the barrels across the pasture. Dr. Bailey’s research suggests no more than 600 yards between new feeding areas. If moving cattle into a wooded or rough terrain area make sure the lead cow knows where you have put the barrels.

Improving distribution in your pastures doesn’t have to mean chasing empty barrels. Cattle producers have the option of the WeatherAll® BioBarrel® Single Trip Container. Your favorite CRYSTALYX® protein supplement and the WeatherAll® BioBarrel® are the perfect combination for this winters’ grazing. A protein supplement, such as Breed-Up® 20 or 28, will keep the rumen working hard to get the most out of dormant forages. The addition of chelated/organic trace minerals means she’s getting the essential trace minerals she needs during gestation with enough to build up her own stores. The WeatherAll® BioBarrel® eliminates the need to get out of the warm pick-up to see how much product is left, or wonder which side of the hill the empty rolled down. As cattle consume the supplement, they often eat the BioBarrel® too. The addition of WeatherAll® means the BioBarrel® stands up to all the snow and rain Mother Nature can dish out.

Treat yourself and your cows and get more out of your pastures this winter. The proven palatability, advanced nutrition and pulling power of CRYSTALYX® in the WeatherAll® BioBarrel® can make your winter grazing program a success. To learn more, visit your local CRYSTALYX® dealer, visit our website CRYSTALYX®.com, or call us at 800-727-2502.