It's all about consistency and intake

  • The CRYSTALYX manufacturing process provides product consistency and intake quality – your cattle consume the same amount, from barrel to barrel.
  • The naturally self-limiting formula pulls moisture from the air to soften the layers at the top of the barrel. When cattle consume it, only so much can be softened for them to eat.
  • Because of their manufacturing process, other low-moisture blocks contain more moisture, which allows cows to consume it at a faster rate.
  • Suddenly that “cheaper” option ends up costing you much more.

Reasons CRYSTALYX is the leader

  • The Highest Quality Manufacturing Process
  • Environmentally Responsible Leadership
  • Specific Formulas for Specific Situations
    • CRYSTALYX has outlined a new method of categorizing our supplements in an “Blueprint, Premium, Balanced and Economy” product offering. View our 
  • Profitable Return on Investment

With CRYSTALYX — Performance is served

  • Consistent intake
  • Convenient, labor-saving delivery
  • Multiple formulas
  • Effective & cost-efficient
  • Continuous research
  • Uncompromising safety and quality assurance
  • Manufactured by a strong, innovative industry leader