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Changes to the CRYSTALYX line up starting this fall

Although we usually don’t focus specifically on products with our blog, we have made some changes to the CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements product line that are important enough to share with our current customers as well as those considering CRYSTALYX® in their supplementation programs.  Because of the popularity and wide-spread acceptance of CRYSTALYX® products over the past nearly 30 years, changes to existing products within the CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplement Family have been few.  While there have been, and continue to be, new product additions, it is very difficult to make changes to existing products that have a satisfied and very loyal following.

As we take a brief peak at our distant past, the HE 12%™ product was the father of all CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplement products.  It was based on a very standard formula that could be consistently manufactured with our earliest understanding of low-moisture block technology.  It soon was followed by the HE 20%™ by the addition of urea as a non-protein nitrogen source that was very well utilized with dried molasses in a very controlled intake delivery, which is one of the most highly regarded features of low-moisture blocks.  Since that time, much of the CRYSTALYX® product research has been with the BGF-30™ product as it featured a more balanced nutrient profile in terms of vitamins and minerals, in addition to delivering both more total protein, as well as a more desirable blend of protein ingredients for a wide variety of low quality forages found across North America. 

So we fast forward to today.  As our product lines with CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements have grown, so has the complexity to knowing what product is right for your individual situation.  As a result we felt it was time to try and simplify the product selection decision, not only for you our customers, but also for our dealers who make available, a CRYSTALYX® product line offering that will best serve the forages and conditions in your geographic area.

There are really only two things that most producers need to know when selecting a protein supplement for their herd.  First, what is the general forage quality, and secondly, what type of fortification do you want to go with your protein supplement.  We have outlined a new method of categorizing protein supplements for CRYSTALYX® Brand supplements in an “Economical”, “Balanced” and “Premium”, product offering, depending upon forage quality.  The chart below provides a visual of how the supplements are arranged. 

Economical:    The “Economical” line of products will consist of HE-12%™, HE-20%™ and HE-30%™.  These products were not discontinued, but they have been changed from previous fortifications so do not make the mistake of thinking that they will be the same products as they have been in the past.  Their nutrient fortification has been brought in line to provide approximately 0.75 of NRC requirements for trace minerals when supplements are consumed at 0.75 pounds per head per day.   The Economy line of products assumes that protein is the primary nutrient that you are concerned with and that other feedstuffs or supplements will provide other nutrient additions. 

Balanced:  The “Balanced” line of products will consist of BGF 20™ and BGF-30™ products.  Yes, BGF-20™ is a new product that will complement the trace mineral and vitamin fortification of BGF-30™.  We have done considerable research with the BGF-30™ product and we feel very confident that the fortification levels of these products provide a great value and balance between nutrition and supplement cost.  When consumed at 0.75 pounds per head per day, the BGF-20™ and BGF-30™ products provide 100% of NRC requirements for trace minerals.

Premium:  The “Premium” line of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements features the Breed-Up products.  This rapidly growing product line not only provides 200% of NRC trace mineral requirements but also contains a blend of organic/chelated trace minerals for optimal absorption and use under the rigors of reproductive demands and/or stress conditions.  Many producers have had great reproductive and calving success when using the Breed-Up products prior to calving, up through breeding.

We do realize that there are other protein supplement products included in the CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements that are formulated for unique situations such as fescue forages, producers wanting vegetable based ingredients or products that do not contain Urea.  These products are formulated to fit at the “Balanced” level or higher nutrient fortification.  

We understand that there is a wide variety of cow-calf production methods across North America that rely on different forages and management practices to achieve successful returns.  It is our intentions that providing an easy-to-understand product offering can help you better find a CRYSTALYX® supplement that works with your forages, your environment and your conditions to help you maximize returns to your cow-calf operation.  We know your time is valuable and the need to get to the “punch-line” is critical.  Take a look at the new CRYSTALYX® LineUp and see what product might work best for you.