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Grazing Management Research

Download and Read These Research Articles on Grazing Management:


Comparison of Low-Moisture Blocks and Loose Dry Mineral Mixes (PDF ISSUE)

Evaluating New Approaches to Improve Livestock Grazing Distribution Using GPS and GIS (PDF ISSUE)

Low-Moisture Block and Loose Dry Mineral Supplements by Cows Grazing Rangeland and Fed Hay (PDF ISSUE)

Effects of Strategically Placed Low-Moisture Block Supplement and Salt on Individual Cattle Grazing Patterns

Use of Strategic Supplement Placement and Herding to Extend Cattle Grazing in Mountainous Terrain: A Demonstration

Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

Integrating Management Practices to Improve the Uniformity and Sustainability of Grazing (PDF ISSUE)

Journal of Animal Science

Effects of Concentrated Separator By-Product (Desugared Molasses) on Intake, Ruminal Fermentation, Digestion, and Microbial Efficiency in Beef Steers Fed Grass Hay (BROKEN URL LINK)

Journal of Range Management

Cattle Use of Foothills Rangeland Near Dehydrated Molasses Supplement

Modification of Cattle Grazing Distribution with Dehydrated Molasses Supplement

Mechanisms That Result in Large Herbivore Grazing Distribution Patterns

Northern Agriculture Research

Effects of Low-Moisture Block and Liquid Molasses Supplements on Cattle Grazing Patterns (PDF ISSUE)

Effects of Self-Fed or Hand-Fed Protein Supplements on Cattle Grazing Patterns, Low-Moisture Blocks Versus Range Cake (PDF ISSUE)