In the Field

"CRYSTALYX has "earned its keep" in several different ways."

Allen Schwery began supplementing with CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements two years ago. The Osborn, Missouri, rancher says results have been amazing. According to Schwery, CRYSTALYX® has "earned its keep" in several different ways.

Schwery began using Fescue-lyx® for his cattle grazing on fescue pastures. Schwery was concerned about foot rot and pink eye problems that are commonly associated with cattle grazing fescue pastures. Since he started using Fescue-lyx® Schwery says the problems have been completely eliminated. He now uses Hi-Mag Fescue-lyx® in the spring during grass tetany season for the same reason, and Rolyx® Fescue-Mag to assist with fly control.

Improved pasture utilization is another benefit Schwery has enjoyed. He moves the Fescue-lyx® barrels to different locations and has greatly increased his overall pasture utilization. He says the cows follow the barrels to areas of his pastures that were under-grazed in the past.

At weaning time Schwery uses Brigade® for his calves. He did not have to treat a single calf two years ago. This past year he has only treated four or five calves due to dust problems from the long dry season.

The economic benefits of supplementing with CRYSTALYX® are clear, according to Schwery. He says some producers only look at the initial cost of CRYSTALYX®, but don't consider how it will benefit their operation in the long run. Schwery, who is very active in the Missouri Cattlemen's Association and works hard to support the beef industry, says he'll continue to use CRYSTALYX® products and is pleased with the results.