In the Field

"Nutrition is what always gets looked after."

Spring Creek Colony was a split from Lakeside Colony and was established in 1956. Andy Hofer runs 700 cows on 10,000 acres of grass while the colony finishes his calves. Days to graze on pasture along with utilizing crop residue and re-growth of the 30,000 acres of dry land is essential to Andy's cow herd’s success; Spring Creek’s Angus/Simmental cross herd wins consistently at cattle shows.

The Box Elder Creek runs through Spring Creek Colony with rolling pastures on either side. Andy has used CRYSTALYX® for 10 plus years to draw the cows off the creek and utilize this pasture land efficiently. Minera-lyx® is used during the summer and Andy then switches to HE-20%™ as the grass loses its nutrients come late summer and fall.

Andy winters his cows on crop residue and re-growth as long as the weather permits. CRYSTALYX® HE-20%™ adds the extra protein and energy along with a palatable mineral free choice program. A low maintenance supplementation program which increases intake and utilization of fiber. Andy tries to do the least he can for the most cows.

During calving season, Andy always uses CRYSTALYX® Brigade® in the last trimester into breeding. He notes that this is a free-choice supplement with chelated minerals that all the cows utilize. It is a no labor alternative for supplementing first calf heifers or six year old mother cows. Nutrition is what always gets looked after.