In the Field

"We had fewer displaced abomasums and fresh cow ketosis."

Ben and Micheal Hughs of Pickett, WI milk 300 cows. They work with Hugh Jones of Larsen Coop. They use Transition Stress™ Formula for the fresh cows, Close-up Formula™ for the dry cows and embryo transfer (flush) cows.

“After using CRYSTALYX®, we had fewer displaced abomasums and fresh cow ketosis. We have also had better results in embryos for cows that we flushed. CRYSTALYX® has been part of the improvement, in addition to providing higher fat and vitamin E levels in the flushed cow ration. Cows start stronger and get going faster. CRYSTALYX® gives the heifers an extra chance to get the minerals and vitamins they need. We have some big, older cows and heifers have to compete with them at the feed bunk. The close up pen has 20-30 cows most of the time, but there are times of the year when we have 40 head in there. Even though we are more crowded during those times, cows come through fine."

"We have been using CRYSTALYX® in the BioBarrel®; and it is great! The cows don’t waste anything and there is not a pile of empty barrels to worry about. In cooler times of the year we may put out two days worth of feed to the dry cows, and being able to feed over top of the CRYSTALYX® BioBarrel® is nice. I like the fact that all cows utilize the blocks. While we have been talking, I have counted six different cows that have been licking."

We would recommend CRYSTALYX® products to others. We have a new barn for the transition cows with very good cow comfort and CRYSTALYX® is an important part of the transition cow program.”