In the Field

"Breed-Up products will continue to be my supplement choice."

Benjamin Wolken is not your average cattleman. He expects more than “average” or “industry standard” performance levels from his operation. Benjamin studies and researches to find products that will put his operation in the top 10% or higher of production levels to ensure maximum profit and return on his investment and time. He “pushes” his operation performance goals to a level exceeding industry average levels.

Benjamin had been using competitor’s loose minerals previously until Bob Freudenburg with Ochsner Grain Co., Madison, NE, introduced and recommended CRYSTALYX® Breed-Up® Max mineral barrels as an option to help push cattle performance to higher levels. Benjamin stated that he is always looking for products that will keep his operation on that leading edge of performance and he believes that CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements present their products as this type of leading edge supplement. Bob and Ochsner Grain promote CRYSTALYX® as the product choice to assist in achieving Benjamin’s goals for his beef herd.

Breeding results this past spring are a testimony to the performance he was looking for in a mineral supplement. Benjamin had a 99% conception rate on 150+ cow herd and they conceived in a 60 day breeding window, which is outstanding.

When asked if he would recommend CRYSTALYX® Breed-Up® products to a neighbor or fellow cattleman he responded , “Yes, I’d tell them of my experience with the CRYSTALYX® Breed-Up® mineral barrel and that should be all it takes to prove what this product could do for them. CRYSTALYX® Breed-Up® products will continue to be my supplement choice."