In the Field

"Buffer-lyx helps get the fresh cows off to a good start."

L-r: Scott Davidson and Bill Armbrustmacher

L-r: Scott Davidson and Bill Armbrustmacher

In the fall of 2003, Ridley Block Operations introduced a new dairy product, Buffer-lyx™ to their family of CRYSTALYX® Brand Livestock Supplements. Soon after, Bill Armbrustmacher a St. Johns, MI producer put it to work at his dairy. CRYSTALYX® products are not new to the Armbrustmacher Dairy, they have used CRYSTALYX® Close-Up™ and Replacement Heifer™ formulas for nearly 10 years.

At this dairy where they milk 140 cows, like so many others, they experience the challenges associated with changing forage conditions, and other variables that contribute to rumen acidosis. Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) is a common problem in most dairy herds. Although often unrecognized in the past, increased knowledge gained from research, now indicates that SARA is the underlying cause of numerous health, reproductive and production problems.

As soon as cows freshen, they are introduced to Buffer-lyx™, fed from a durable, returnable steel CRYSTALYX® barrel. “We are certain thet Buffer-lyx™ helps to get the fresh cows off to a good start which then helps our entire milk string,” says Bill. Overall herd health; in the areas of feet problems and acidosis, have been reduced since using Buffer-lyx™. Armbrustmacher said, “We have had hardly any problems with the milking and fresh cows, fewer feet problems, and culling has not been as hard; we can be more selective thus our cull rates have improved.”

While milk production is an excellent performance indicator, the Armbrustmacher Dairy is feeding Buffer-lyx™ for better herd health. However, they have realized steady dry matter intakes since using the Buffer-lyx™ and Armbrustmacher noted that milk cows have peaked sooner.

Bill Armbrustmacher recommends CRYSTALYX® to other dairy farmers. “It helps with real world problems”, says Bill. The Armbrustmacher Dairy has confidence in CRYSTALYX® and the nutritional service support provided by Hubbard Feeds.