In the Field

"CRYSTALYX gives me peace of mind."

Dan Cummings, the owner of Nine Cees Dairy in Westfield, WI, milks 200 cows in two locations. He works with Hugh Jones of Larsen Coop.

Dry Cow Formula™ and Transition Stress™ Formula are two products I really believe in! They are products that the more the animal licks, the better they do. They are convenient and I know the cows are getting what they need. With having cows at two locations, CRYSTALYX® gives me piece of mind. I have fewer problems when I use CRYSTALYX®. I feed outside in fence line bunks. When it is hot, I know the cows don’t eat during the hottest part of the day. Last year I used Buffer-lyx®, and my milk and butterfat stayed up where they should. I have not used Buffer-lyx® yet this summer, but plan to, because milk and components are starting to slip. I plan on trying CRYSTALYX® on my weaned calves to help them through the stress of pen moves and feed changes.”