In the Field

"Feeding CRYSTALYX is so convenient."

A consistent calf crop is key to Darrell Gittings. The junior college agricultural business instructor and livestock show judge also owns a registered Angus herd and club calf operation. "It's important to get a consistent group of animals that you can market," says the Lennox, Iowa, producer.

For the last two years, CRYSTALYX® has helped Gittings accomplish that goal. He feeds Mineral-lyx® in the summer and fall, then switches to the Natural-block for the winter. It's paid off for him in terms of exceptional breed-back; he's seen cows cycle back within two to three weeks.

Using consumption as an indicator, Gittings has found that the cows will tell him when they need more nutrition. He will supplement the younger cattle with a grain mix as needed. "I try to keep the cows in good shape through peak lactation. CRYSTALYX® helps keep the cows in better shape and milk production up," he says.

Another advantage Gittings has seen is labor savings. "Feeding CRYSTALYX® is so convenient. That really helps out with management when you have a full-time job."

"The CRYSTALYX® barrels are key to my management program," he adds. He doesn't have to worry about over consumption with CRYSTALYX® supplement, which has been a problem with other programs he's tried. "With the Mineral-lyx® I don't have to worry about constantly filling the mineral feeders and worrying about the amount that gets wasted every year."

He concludes: "The CRYSTALYX® program has worked well for my operation and has allowed me to feel comfortable about my herd management and the nutrition needs of my cattle operation."