In the Field

"Having the barrels gives us consistency in the rations."

Daryl Woldt is the owner of Woldt Farms LLC in Brillion, WI where he milks 600 cows. Doug Lemke is the herdsman and a strong believer in CRYSTALYX® products. He works with Bart Collins of Henry Carstens and Sons in Brillion, WI for his nutrition needs.

“On the dairy we had some ketosis problems with a group of springers, so we gave Transition Stress™ Formula a try. We have it in the pre-fresh pens, calving stalls and fresh pens. Cows stayed on feed better and came up on full feed better after calving. It also helped with reducing the number of cows with retained placenta. We go through a lot of feed and ration changes with this many cows, and having the barrels gives us some consistency in the rations. I know the cows are going to the tubs and getting what they need. The cows that have some trouble really seem to hit them more and this helps keep them going. Bart Collins, our Farm Consultant, has his work cut out. He has to keep up with the forage and diet changes. He does a good job with the rations. Transition Stress™ Formula is an important part of our fresh cow program."

"We have used Brigade® for several years. Brigade® helps the calves get through the weaning stress. We have three different farms that raise heifers. By having Brigade® at those farms, it helps with preventing health issues related to the stress of moving. We have eliminated having three teated heifers due to sucking each other after weaning. I give Brigade® credit for that. The calves would rather lick on the barrel than suck each other."

"Brigade® is an excellent product that I would recommend to anyone working with dairy or beef calves. I bought some backward beef calves and brought them into my farm. They were thin, long haired, rough looking animals that needed some help. I put them on Brigade® and some good hay. After 2 months on the program, they were looking great! They did not look like the same animals. I use HE-20%™ on my beef cows and beef heifers. It keeps them in great condition and helps with keeping the breeding going well.”

Doug uses Brigade Stress Fighting Formula® and HE-20%™ on his own beef cattle.