In the Field

"Brigade helps calves fight effects of cold weather."

The old saying goes "Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it." David Peterson decided to do something about it.

Peterson is a cow/calf producer from Thief River Falls, Minnesota, which is in northern Minnesota, just 100 miles from the Canadian border. Winters in Thief River Falls can be very cold. Peterson, who in addition to raising cattle, works a pre-dawn to 2 p.m. shift off the farm, was losing a lot of his calves to bad weather. In his worst year he lost 28 percent.

"My vet said it came down to the calves just not having quite enough nutrition at birth," Peterson says. "It didn't seem like they had the energy to get up and fight. If they got cold, they'd just give up."

Peterson's feed dealer suggested CRYSTALYX® Brigade® Stress Fighting Formula. Brigade® is a highly concentrated, free-choice source of trace minerals as well as antioxidant vitamins A and C that help support the animal's immune system.

"I started putting Brigade® out for the cows anywhere from a month to two months before they calved," Peterson says. "I noticed a considerable difference. With Brigade®, they are fighting to get up right from the moment they're born. Now these calves are aggressive, they get up and go right after lunch."

The all-important bottom line for David Peterson? This year's calf loss has dropped dramatically to just over 3 percent, thanks to the stress fighting nutrition provided by Brigade®.