In the Field

"I get the most out of my cattle."

Don Klein calls himself a grain farmer, but his commercial cow herd is the number one priority on this Kansas operation. "If my cows are not content, I'm not happy," he says.

Feed is an important part of making his 125-cow herd content, along with a complete health program and solid genetics. "I'm the type that wants to make sure my cows get all they need. I get the most out of my cattle," Klein says. "Feed is number one. If you don't feed right, you're neglecting the cow's potential."

CRYSTALYX® has been part of his feeding program for the last two years. For his spring calving group, he puts CRYSTALYX® BGF-30™ out in November when the cattle begin to graze stalks until grass comes on in May.

Klein also fall calves and he decided to leave the CRYSTALYX® in front of the cow-calf pairs all winter. The decision paid off with 24-pound heavier weaning weights than the year before. "I don't sell numbers, I sell pounds," he says.

Consumption patterns help Klein fine-tune his feeding program. When the cows are eating an average of three-quarters of a pound of CRYSTALYX® per-head, per-day, all is well. But when consumption goes over that, Klein starts looking for the source of the problem.

"Someone can come out here and give me feed suggestions, but the cows know what they need," he concludes. "That's what I like about CRYSTALYX® - the cows will consume it if they need it."