In the Field

"CRYSTALYX helps take the guess work out of supplementation."

The University of Arizona’s V Bar V Ranch located at Rimrock, has successfully used Crystalyx NP-27™ supplement for the past two years. David Schafer, the stations resident director sees many benefits from not only nutrition but management as well. Some of these experienced at the V bar V include:

  • Cattle maintained body condition well when the feed conditions were of lower quality.
  • Better fertility noticed “cycling” in heifers
  • The CRYSTALYX® BioBarrel® container is easy to use — no empty containers to retrieve, no going back.

CRYSTALYX® NP-27™ is designed as a free-choice supplement for moderate to low quality hay, early and late season pastures. Use NP-27 for cattle requiring high level of bypass protein such as rapidly growing calves, developing bulls and replacement heifers and mature cows between late gestation and breeding

Overall, David would recommend CRYSTALYX®, and in the BioBarrel® Single Trip Container, to other producers looking for an easy to use supplement with low quality forages. “With the extreme moisture and temperature differences seen from year to year, CRYSTALYX® can help take the guess work out of supplementation.”