In the Field

"We want to use the best supplement for our money."

James Atkins was the 2001 Tennessee Cattleman of the Year. He owns Powder Mill Angus near Ashland City, Tennessee. Atkins at the time, had used CRYSTALYX® for more than a year.

"We have a top of the line Angus breeding facility, so we want to use the best supplement for our money," Atkins said. "Cows eat less than other brands and CRYSTALYX® is weatherproof. CRYSTALYX® does the job."

Atkins' brood cows are fed CRYSTALYX® BGF-30™ with pasture and round baled hay in the fall and winter. Hi Mag Fescue-Lyx™ is the supplement in the spring for grass tetany control.

Powder Mill's manager, John Gilstrap has seen the difference CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements can make.

"Our Black Angus are blacker, in better condition and have a better coat of hair. We also like Brigade™ stress fighter for the calves we wean and the calves we buy and background."

"I wouldn't go back to the cheap tub, because they cost more money in overeating and poorer conditioned cattle."