In the Field

"It's helping us reach our goals."

The Aschenbrenner’s, owners of Aschland Farms in Milladore, WI have been using CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements for nearly 20 years. When they first began using CRYSTALYX®, they started with only basic formulas that were available at the time. Since then, more options became available and Aschenbrenner’s took advantage of these options.

“We have always liked to try new things to improve our operation, and feel you got to try new things at times,” says Brian Aschenbrenner, “New things don’t always turn out but with CRYSTALYX®, things did turn out.” Today with more advanced CRYSTALYX® dairy formulations available, Aschenbrenner’s have incorporated CRYSTALYX® Dry Cow Formula™, Brigade®, and Rolyx™ Pro for fly control in the summer time on pasture. The 250 pound, 125 pound and 60 pound containers have all been used with success in their operation.

CRYSTALYX® Brigade® is offered to all lactating cows for the entire 305 day lactation period. “We feel that when cows are licking, consuming the supplement, it’s doing them some good,” says Jerry Aschenbrenner. “We have noted herd health improvements, better feed intakes, and better milk production. We currently have some first lactation heifers milking nearly 100 pounds per day.” This outstanding milk production has boosted the farms herd annual average to nearly 27,500 pounds.

CRYSTALYX® Dry Cow Formula™ is used in the entire dry period. “It saves us labor by not having to feed a free choice or mixing mineral and there’s no waste,” says Brian. “We feel the cows are getting a more thorough and predictable amount of minerals and vitamins with the Dry Cow™ barrels than with other supplements; the Dry Cows and transition cows are coming through with minimal health and metabolic problems.”

As mentioned earlier, new things are worth a look to the Aschenbrenner’s. In 2002, the Aschland Dairy was introduced to CRYSTALYX® Rolyx™ Pro. It is fed to Replacement Heifers on pasture at a location away from the dairy. “We noted that after the first year of use, the flies are less and the heifers performed and looked good too,” said Brian.

Overall, CRYSTALYX® has stood the test of time at Aschland Dairy. The Farm has been in the same family for 120 years and the last 20 of these years have included CRYSTALYX®. The years to come will also include the use of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements. “We would definitely recommend CRYSTALYX® to other Dairy Farms,” says Jerry. “It has helped us work towards reaching our goals for success now and into the future.”