In the Field

"Love CRYSTALYX. I swear by it!"

Joab Homan with Windy Hill Specialty Farm, LLC in Markesan, WI says, "I run a purebred shorthorn cattle company and am going to be doing embryo transfering on 15 cows coming up this spring. I went through 2 little tubs of Brigade® in just a few days on 20 cows, so in seeing that the cows loved it I got a 250 lb Brigade®. With 20 cows it lasted a month. Now that I will be having 15-20 calves coming in the next couple months, I went with the Breed-Up® 28. Needless to say, the cows found it within 3 seconds and they just keep licking it. I still use Brigade® on the calves. Love CRYSTALYX®. I swear by it!"