In the Field

"I had no trouble getting the heifers bred in the spring."

For Kenny Tucker, finding a product that will help hold down grass tetany is a must. Much of the forage available to this southwestern Missouri dairy and beef producer contains fescue. Tucker has found that Fescue-lyx® helps his cattle better utilize their forage while suppressing fescue-related problems including low conception rates.

“I first fed Fescue-lyx® to my Holstein heifers that were on a rented pasture that had fescue and they did much better than my other cattle who were on a salt mix and hay,” Tucker says. “The heifers gained better through the winter and I had no trouble getting them bred in the spring.”

Tucker also uses Dairy-lyx® on his 50-head Holstein dairy herd. He says he’s seen a little increase in milk production along with higher milk fat and protein tests. He says both products help his cattle utilize their feed better. “You don’t just pour feed into the cattle without seeing any results. You can see that they’re doing better when they’re on the CRYSTALYX® products.”