In the Field

"The calves are much healthier and convert feed better."

CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements was introduced to La Ferme Gillette, Inc. in September of 2004 to calves at weaning, and to cows used for egg flushing and embryo transfer.

All animals started with CRYSTALYX® Brigade® and the calves, once leaving the hutches at weaning and going to group pens, responded immediately. Alain Leduc, the dairy's herdsman, explained the calf and CRYSTALYX® program. "All calves from 2-4 months of age will receive CRYSTALYX.® We have noticed that calves on this program are much healthier, consume and convert feed better, and we have been able to reduce the amount of antibiotics fed at weaning." This has been a management advantage for the operation as well, as feeding calves CRYSTALYX® Brigade® in the 60-pound container is much more practical than hand delivering a medicated supplement.

La Ferme Gillette is one of the top Holstein breeding establishments in Canada and home to Gillette I Durham Jerecho, the number one Lifetime profit index cow in Canada. This cow, among others, has been receiving CRYSTALYX® at freshening and through the flush period collecting eggs. The benefits have been cows eating better, thus fewer metabolic problems and better body condition. "The flush cows appear to be producing more eggs now, and just as important, we are happy with the quality of eggs produced," says Alain.

La Ferme Gillette is now expanding the application of CRYSTALYX® by adding CRYSTALYX® Fresh-Lyx™ to all purebred fresh cows after calving. CRYSTALYX® has proven itself an effective product for La Ferme Gillette. Owner Louis Patenaude says, "I don't mind letting others know what works," when discussing his operation. Good nutrition, management, and help from Masterfeeds, the local supplier of CRYSTALYX® all aides in a successful dairy operation.