In the Field

"The cows clean well and take off milking."

Larry Wilterdink milks 80 cows with his family. They work with Barb Grzywinski of Adell Cooperative. They use CRYSTALYX® Dry Cow Formula™ with the dry cows. They have been using CRYSTALYX® for 10 years. “The convenience of putting CRYSTALYX® out to balance the mineral and vitamin needs of the dry cows is a big factor for using the product. We feed a blend of corn silage and haylage with some baled hay. The cows clean well and take off milking.”

Time savings and piece of mind are factors in choosing CRYSTALYX®. The smaller dry cow group would be hard to get a mineral mixed well into the ration; and with CRYSTALYX® there is no waste. “We don’t have a lot of extra time here, so something that works and is not wasted makes sense.”

They house the milk cows in a compost barn with very good cow comfort. CRYSTALYX® products give them a TMR safety net since they feed a “1 group” TMR. “Fresh cows are the ones that seem to use the block the most. I like to see cows that need it going to the block.”