In the Field

"The whole herd health improvement is very noticeable."

Lesa Clark from Paducha, KY has been using CRYSTALYX® products purchased from Phelps Farm Store for three years on her family dairy she runs with her daughter, Ellie Waggoner. Growing up, there were 10 other dairies within a 5 mile radius of their farm. Today, LeCows Dairy is the only dairy left in McCracken County. Lesa and Ellie felt they were waisting a lot of mineral so now, depending on need, they use CRYSTALYX® Dry Cow, Hi Mag and Heifer tubs on their cows that are being bred.

"CRYSTALYX® tubs made an amazing difference in cost, as well as overall health, appearance and breeding. The cows actually fight over the tubs and the whole herd health improvement is very noticeable."

Check out LeCows Dairy on Facebook as well as a video post on They always welcome guests at their farm.