In the Field

"We swear by the Iono-lyx B300 for our weaning calves."

Here at Pond View Farms, we LOVE CRYSTALYX® and so do our cows! We are firm believers in your supplements and swear by your B300 for our weaning calves as well. The difference is in the pounds! Thanks for all you do, you make our job of providing top quality replacements and feeders easier. We have been successfully using CRYSTALYX® for the past 6 years, I convinced my husband to give it a whirl and we set up two groups to test it on; one continued on our Southern States lick and the other CRYSTALYX®, the proof was in the scales at sale time and we have never looked back! We have also seen a quicker breed back rate and are true supporters. We drive over an hour away to get these blocks and won't accept any other, thanks again for being true to your product! We tell everyone we work with and feel a little sad when we see something else sitting in a field we are delivering cattle to.