In the Field

"Using the BioBarrel saves me time and money."

CRYSTALYX® is an essential part of Maynard Hebl's livestock nutrition program. Maynard runs 110 Angus-Hereford cross cows on his Iowa City, Iowa, operation. He supplements with BGF-30™ from the first of January through calving. He reports that at pregnancy check, there are usually no more than ten open cows out of the 110. 

That's a 91% conception rate.

Maynard gave the BioBarrel® a try when he supplemented with BGF-30.™ He found that it saved him time and money.

"Labor is at a premium at times, and not having to gather up the steel barrels and return them to the plant is worth the extra cost of the BioBarrel.®"

And when the BioBarrel® disappears, so does another problem Maynard had with the steel barrels.

"When I put the steel barrels out, my tractor will eventually find one while I'm haying. I have a damaged barrel that I can't return for a refund. I'll use the BioBarrel® instead of steel when I supplement with BGF-30.™"