In the Field

"Even the vet noticed we were having fewer problems."

Klink Dairy is a family operated farm, ran by 3 brothers. Phil and his wife Janice, Steve and his wife Denise and Keith. They milk around 180 cows.

They use Transition Stress™ Formula with the pre and post fresh cows as well as Brigade® and Replacement Heifer™ on the calves.

“We use the heifer barrels in the smaller calf groups, that way we know they are getting the nutrients they need. Convenience and consistency of intakes were important factors in knowing the products work. The barrels last like they are supposed to and the calves do better with them.”

They have been using the barrels for 3 years. They really like the BioBarrel®. “It is simple and automatic. The animals just chomp away and it’s gone. You can push it around and not worry about denting it up.”

“We started using Transition Stress™ Formula in the pre-fresh and fresh groups because we were having more ketosis and displacement than we wanted. I don’t know what’s in them or how it does it, but it sure works. Even the vet noticed we were having fewer problems. Intakes were up and cows are healthier. Meaning we are spending less money on vet bills.”