In the Field

"I use CRYSTALYX Dry Cow Formula because it works!"

Rick Salber of Marathon, WI is the longest CRYSTALYX® customer for Larsen Coop. He has been using CRYSTALYX® since 1988. He milks 65 cows and raises all the heifers and a few steers each year. Convenience and time saving products are very important to him. His main focus is getting quality forage and working with the herd.

“I use CRYSTALYX® Dry Cow Formula™ because it works! It is easy and convenient, especially in the summer when I am busy with field work. CRYSTALYX® Dry Cow Formula™ is a year round way to get minerals and vitamins into the dry cows. I do not have much for fresh cow problems. Cows calve, clean and start strong. The springing heifers and dry cows are together. I know that is not the best, but having the barrels out there helps the heifers a lot."

"I really like that there is no waste with the product. The dry cows are out on a dirt lot and the tubs are right there with them. I don’t have to worry about the product spoiling or not being used.” Replacement Heifer Formula™ is used in the summer months. Intakes vary depending on the quality of feed they are getting.