In the Field

"We have a much higher pregnancy rate."

Roger Seay is a cattleman in Franklin, NC. He runs 100 cows consisting of Angus and Limflex genetics. Previously, Roger has had problems with low conception rates and cows shedding winter hair in the spring. Eagle Roller Mill located in Shelby, NC, put Roger on CRYSTALYX® Hi-Mag with Tasco®. These were fed December through March and will continue through the summer.

Roger says that since using CRYSTALYX® Hi-Mag with Tasco®, he has a much higher pregnancy rate and the cows shed their hair very early. He has cows, same sire that had never shed, he thought because of genetics, they actually shed this year because of blocks and they now will be retained. Roger is the owner of Seays Feed & Grain and is really pleased with the CRYSTALYX® products.