In the Field

"Calves that don't always eat the ration will eat the Brigade."

Ray Stoll operates a beef backgrounding and cow-calf operation near Utica, Nebraska. He began using CRYSTALYX® in 2003 on a recommendation from his local dealer, United Farmers Coop. Stoll uses both Brigade® and Rolyx® in his operation and says both CRYSTALYX® products are valuable tools.

One of the biggest challenges for Stoll as a year-round backgrounder is getting newly-arrived calves acclimated to feed bunks and eating at levels that will provide them with adequate nutrition.

"We receive a lot of cattle from the southern U.S., where cattle have been shipped a long distance." Stoll says. "These cattle are not used to the types of feedstuffs we have. We had stressed calves and we needed Brigade."

Brigade® has been helpful when calves first arrive and throughout the entire feeding period. "If these calves , especially the smaller ones, go off feed, it's hard to get them back to full speed," Stoll says. "I'll use the barrels throughout the entire 90 to 120 day background period. Calves that don't always eat the ration will eat the Brigade® supplement, and then we get these calves to eat their feed."

CRYSTALYX® Brigade® is an effective tool to reduce stress and sickness, and to help maintain and increase feed intake. The payoff is healthier, better performing cattle. Stoll says the cost of Brigade® is far less than the cost of sick cattle. "If you have to treat a calf, you've got nearly $30 in medication cost, not counting production loss or possible veterinary cost. A good nutrition program combined with Brigade® has been a good value for us."

In his cow-calf operation, Stoll uses CRYSTALYX® Rolyx® Max for fly control. Rolyx® contains Rabon Oral Larvicide, and was used in one feedlot pen throughout the summer as well. "We noticed reduced flies with the feedlot cattle and had good fly control and performance with the cows too," Stoll says. "We plan on using Rolyx® again next year."