In the Field

"Weaned calves start on feed sooner and are healthier."

Scott Wallentine, a cattle producer from Logan, Utah has been using CRYSTALYX® for more than eight years. CRYSTALYX® was first recommended to Wallentine from the local CRYSTALYX® supplier; Intermountain Farmers Association (IFA).

The Wallentine's operation was facing several problems they were to trying to overcome prior to using CRYSTALYX®. First, show steers needed to have more growth in their frame. Second, pneumonia and sickness were a problem with weaned calves. Third, Wallentine wanted better weight gain and shinier coats in their yearling cattle.

CRYSTALYX® helped the operation overcome several of these problems. Scott states, "The show steers have more shine and bloom, rather than a dull appearance, and weaned calves start on feed sooner and are healthier." Products used in the Wallentine operation include: HE-20%, Iono-lyx®, and Brigade®. He would recommend CRYSTALYX® to other producers, "Try it and give it a chance to work," says Scott.