Podcast Stitcher Subscribe

  1. If you do not have an account in Stitcher, first sign up for an account at www.stitcher.com

  2. After you have an account - in the search box in the top enter “Crystalyx”

  3. “CRYSTALYX® Block Talk” will appear in the results - click the logo

  4. From this page you can listen to any episodes published of the CRYSTALYX® Block Talk Podcast


Stitcher Mobile App

  1. Install the stitcher App onto your mobile device and sign in with the credentials you used when you created your account

  2. Click the spyglass icon in the top right and type in “Crystalyx” in the search bar that appears

  3. Click on “Crystalyx Block Talk” in the results. Click the checkmark to the right of the “Block Talk” title to subscribe to the playlist

  4. Click the “Listen” button to listen to any individual podcast