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Nutritional Innovation with Ranch Operations Managers

Jun 30, 2022

Things like DNA technology and, in particular, EPDs and ways to select genetics that fit their marketplace are ways ranchers have been in front of the curve in their ability to do that. We maybe haven't always seen that in regards to nutrition, which tends to stay very, very traditional. Tyler Melroe, beef nutritionist with Hubbard feeds discusses ways to make nutritional advances on the ranch.


National Beef Month with CRYSTALYX®

May 31, 2022

We celebrate the independence and freedom that beef producers represent. They decide where they can ranch, what segments of production they want to participate in, what breeds of cattle to use and, most importantly, how to market their end-product. Over the years, they have persevered through the hardships of economic challenges and weather swings to maintain success. Let's hear more from account manager, Ryan Bapst. 


Lowering feed costs while improving weight gain

Apr 30, 2022

 Sam is here to talk with us about bringing down those feed costs while also improving weight gain.  Now, today, we continue to use certain compounds discovered decades ago, which were found to help improve gains and efficiencies. One such type is known as ionophores, which would include two products. One called monensin, the other, Bovatec, which help improve weight gains on pasture cattle. These ionophores work in the rumen of cattle by altering the different species of microbes that digest feeds.


Beat the buzz this fly season

Mar 30, 2022

Regardless of when fly season begins, it’s helpful to have a fly control program in mind before the fly population gets out of hand. It’s advised to start a fly control feed-through program at least 30 days before fly season to really allow that active ingredient to get passed through the animal system and stay on it until the first frost. And, doing so can really improve the productivity of your herd and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Strategies for cow-calf producers in drought conditions

Aug 26, 2021

Since early this spring, we’ve seen several different reasons for rising feed costs: COVID; tight supply, less-than-ideal growing conditions in some parts of the country — too wet early, some late planting with some dry weather. Jon Albro discusses what that means for cattle producers and how self-fed supplements can help.